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SeHealth to seek partner in health-care quest

LUMBERTON — Southeastern Health, the major health care provider for Robeson County and much of the surrounding area, is looking for a partner so that is remains healthy and viable to better meet the needs of the region in a changing and more competitive industry. Kenneth Rust, the chairman of Southeastern Health’s board of trustees,

Building Trust Between Physicians, Hospitals, and Payers: A Renewed Opportunity for Transforming US Health Care. | Health Care Reform | JAMA | JAMA Network

In 1982, Starr predicted that relationships between physicians and organizations, including insurers, health systems, and hospitals, would challenge the medical profession’s autonomy, authority, and ability to self-regulate.1 In the intervening years, major growth and consolidation have occurred in nonprofit and investor-owned insurance entities, health systems, and physician practices. While tensions and challenges have coursed through

Health care workers face violence ‘epidemic’

From verbal abuse to physical assaults, health care workers on a daily basis face threats to their safety as they care for patients. “There is a very fundamental problem in U.S. health care that very few people speak about, and that’s the violence against health care workers,” said Dr. Tom Mihaljevic, president and CEO of

Northern Ohio Health Care Pushes Opioid Alternatives

Many mainstream health care organizations have been reluctant to embrace such complementary therapies as massage. As the opioid crisis has raged out of control across the U.S., more of these organizations are turning to nonpharmacological alternatives to opioids. Among them is University Hospitals, a health care system of 18 hospitals, more than 50 outpatient health

Potential Implications of Private Equity Investments in Health Care Delivery. | Health Care Reform | JAMA | JAMA Network

Much of the US health care system relies on private physician practices. Little is known about the role of private equity in today’s health care delivery system. From 2010 to 2017, the value of private equity deals involving the acquisition of a health care–related company (most involving physician practices and hospitals) increased 187% and reached

Health care and Medicaid expansion in Mississippi

Two-year-old A’Dore calls for her mother as her grandmother, Makesha Shoemaker, relates details she’s been told about the night her daughter died. There was no emergency room in Chickasaw County to take her to when A’Dore’s mother went into distress. Barbara Gauntt, Clarion-Ledger CONNECTTWEETLINKEDINCOMMENTEMAILMORE Arguments over health care policy are no longer abstract in Chickasaw County. Family

Oregon vaccination bill passes key panel; House Health Care Committee approves bill barring non-medical exemptions

SALEM — A bill to remove nonmedical exemptions for schoolchildren not inoculated for communicable diseases passed its first legislative hurdle Thursday. The House Committee on Health Care voted 7-4 to approve House Bill 3063, which bars children from public and private schools if not immunized for measles and other diseases. Rep. Cheri Helt, R-Bend, is

Maryland Total Cost of Care Model: Transforming Health and Health Care. | Health Care Reform | JAMA | JAMA Network

States have a unique combination of regulatory levers, including relationships with health care systems and payers, and have knowledge of the health care needs of their residents; thus, they are well-positioned to lead the effort to align incentives across the health care delivery system to improve quality and value. States can spearhead care redesign efforts