Bolivia introduces health care for all

Bolivia became the latest Latin American country to roll out free healthcare to the poorest citizens as President Evo Morales launched the Unified Health System (SUS), which will reach an estimated five million people. At least 70 percent of the Bolivian population will be covered by SUS, which was described by World Health Organization (WHO)

Health-care shakeup draws mixed response

Residents of Northern Ontario could be disproportionately hurt by a new Tory plan to consolidate health agencies, a local critic fears. “There’s going to be a big shakeup here that will impact not just patients and their welfare but really impact the North,” said Dot Klein, head of the Sudbury chapter of the Ontario Health

Is trade with India changing Africa’s health care landscape?

By Siddharth Dixit, Natalie Emery, Chinmoy Kumar African countries face numerous challenges in health services, from severe shortages of health care professionals to weak leadership and governance to limited infrastructure and resources to self-imposed policy barriers. In recent years, trade in the health sector has provided some solutions, such as eHealth (the use of information

The Jail Health-Care Crisis | The New Yorker

There are more than three thousand jails in the United States, usually run by sheriffs and county offices, which house some seven hundred thousand people. They are typically waiting to make bail—or, if they can’t, to go to trial or enter a plea—or are serving short sentences. Barr is right about the crisis of chronic