3 Reasons Why Copywriting Inside Healthcare Advertising Is So Demanding

3 Reasons Why Copywriting Inside Healthcare Advertising Is So Demanding

Strategic and trickery planning… design… copywriting… mass media planning… web programming… print out production… They are the primary capabilities of any good “full-service” advertising agency serving clients in practically any industry. But copywriting, in particular, takes on added importance and value in healthcare advertising more so than any other specialty. Presently there are three main reasons why.

Purpose number one: Healthcare advertising copywriters must write for diverse audiences.

Think of the contrasts between writing for a neurosurgeon vs writing for the neurosurgeon’s patient who has damaged cognitive abilities. Or think about the difference between writing for nurses or other allied health professionals versus writing for children with hemophilia or kidney disease. The two audiences demand and deserve clarity and accuracy in the information you convey. But one audience is highly educated and has a clinical, scientific schedule. The other audience is normally less educated (or, sometimes, totally uneducated) as well as emotional (and, if newly diagnosed with a disease, in an especially stressful juncture in their lives). One audience requires a more rational approach; the other, more empathetic.

Purpose number two: Healthcare advertising copywriters must write in diverse media.

Healthcare copywriters create websites… monographs… quick films… brochures… billboards… PowerPoint presentations… sales tools… display graphics… online, TV, radio stations, and print ads… designs and skits for sales meetings… and on and on. The list is endless. Print media. Digital media. Broadcast media. Older media. New media. Just about all media.

Reason number 3: Healthcare advertising copywriters must have diverse skills.

A health-related copywriter must be good at promotional writing as well as educational writing. The work requires knowledge of language, both conventional and slang… familiarity with medicine and science… understanding of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, diagnostics and medical devices, hospitals and patient advocacy… understanding of marketing… knowledge of regulatory guidelines of the FDA and other governmental bodies… familiarity with human being behavior… all that knowledge plus the empathy necessary to connect with the needs of men and women young and old struggling with a health problem.

Diverse audiences, diverse mass media, diverse skills. These are the challenges healthcare advertising copywriters face in addition than writers in virtually any other specialty area. Thereby, truly exceptional, experienced health-related copywriters are rare. In you job search for an advertising agency partner, look very carefully at each candidate’s copy writing capabilities. If they’re fragile, your advertising (and probably sales) will be fragile too.

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