Why Home Health Providers Should View PDGM as a Patient-Classification Model – Home Health Care News

Understandably, home health providers typically view the Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM) first and foremost as a payment overhaul — the most significant in nearly two decades. But with the right perspective, PDGM can also be leveraged to help drive change, strengthen care planning and improve patient quality outcomes. That’s something home health providers would be

Why Single-Payer Would Improve California Health Care

How to achieve universal health insurance in California? In our super-progressive, supermajority Democratic state, that’s the health policy question of the day. Not if we should lead the way on universal coverage, but how. Recently, UC Berkeley economists proposed a solution, dubbed California Dreamin’. Expand current insurance to cover the uninsured, using up to $17 billion in new taxes.

Outrage over plans to restructure health care

The prospect of the Ontario Conservatives ramming through legislation in order to introduce privatized health care in Ontario was a grave concern to those who attended a town hall style meeting at the Timmins Museum Saturday. The meeting, which was attended by about 50 people, was hosted by the Ontario Health Coalition. “We are holding